irving stripe blanket on bed

What’s that SMELL???

Here is a little tip about the E-Z care machine washable blankets and throws: The Easy Care blankets are treated with a natural resin that allows the hooks and barbs…
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Moo, the Black & White Sheep

Meet Moo

FRIDAY NIGHT AT THE TROUGH You probably just assume sheep are just here to provide the wool for Pendleton blankets. You might be surprised to know each sheep has a…
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Fish Shed

What Is Fish Shed 19?

Check out picture #2 This was my old tool shed. My house was built in 1929. I am guessing this was added around 1970. The roof was under a huge…
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Stack of Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Blankets

Washable Wool Blankets Anyone?

There are many, many products out there claiming to be green. From the sheep to the shelf, Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool® passes strict standards of sustainability and stewardship, verified and certified. This means that if you were to take a Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool® blanket and bury it, it would leave the earth better, not worse, for the addition.

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Pendleton blankets in back of vehicle

Benefits Of Wool Bedding

Studies show that people sleeping with wool bedding have a lower heart rate, less sleep disturbance, and increased duration of beneficial REM sleep.

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