Meet Moo


You probably just assume sheep are just here to provide the wool for Pendleton blankets.

You might be surprised to know each sheep has a distinct personality much like your family pooch.
Lets get a little background on some of these fun loving sheep:
Meet Moo:
Moo likes to smoke Farmer John’s Cuban Cigars.
He’s kind of a “player with the ladies”.
He likes to go down to THE TROUGH on Friday nights and after a little too much tequila has been known to drive the manure spreader through a fence or two. Collects nails.
Rumor has it he has a “thing” for one of the Boucle sisters.
Famous for the Black windowpane 5th avenue throw…
Most of these shenanigans happen on the weekend when farmer John takes off for the cabin. LOOK OUT FRIDAY NIGHT!