Fish Shed 19 Crazy Zombie Green Cashmere-Merino Wool Throw

You aren’t going to find a Cashmere blanket made in the USA. If you want the finest cashmere you’d have to travel to Inner Mongolia. Before you add this to your travel destination list; know that it sometimes reaches 40 degrees below in the winter. Cashmere is organic in the truest sense of the word. As a natural fiber, Cashmere is both hypoallergenic and an anti-irritant. All dyes used are Azo-free.The goats grow long lean fibers to protect themselves. These are actually hollow which makes them good for blending with other fibers. They are (old school) hand combed in the spring during molting with each goat supplying only a few ounces per year. This cashmere is sourced from large traditional herds of free-roaming goats shepherded by the same family of craftspeople and Shepards for years. Cruelty-free practices and sustainable farming practices are strictly adhered to. Many companies market a cashmere blanket but it has only 5-10% cashmere to keep the cost down. A better idea: 1/2 cashmere (for the softness) 1/2 Merino wool (for softness, durability, and elasticity) You know what a workhorse your wool pants are. Cashmere and Merino wool require a minimum amount of processing making them both already very environmentally friendly fibers to work with.
It comes in a lovely box heavy duty enough for UPS but we’ve designed the
Fish box to be a gift in itself. No wrapping is needed.
We’ll of course; ship in plastic to protect this special box from the elements.
74×55 Dry Clean

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