Pendleton Legendary Series Blankets (Cedar Canyon)

  • The cedar, considered sacred by many Native American tribes, represents overall well being and protection. Its bark and berries can be used for medicine and food, with wood used for building and carving. Cedar Canyon pays homage to the tree’s legendary utility and strength with a pattern of supple bark strips and an enclosing, protective diamond. Artist and designer Ramona Sakiestewa (Hopi), known for her architectural work at the National Museum of the American Indian, created this design.
  • Twin Size: 64″ x 80″
  • Napped Blanket – Felt Bound – Dry Clean Only
  • Fabric Made In Pendleton’s US Mills
  • Made In USA
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Category: Blankets and Throws
Tags: Blanket, canyon, cedar, Pendleton, Wool

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