What Is Fish Shed 19?

Check out picture #2

This was my old tool shed. My house was built in 1929. I am guessing this was added around 1970.

The roof was under a huge fir tree for years and was barely there. After the tree was removed it was unlikely it would make it thru the winter. I do believe the tree was protecting my sweet shed. Last summer I decided to repair the roof.

The workers came and after a very short time let me know the entire structure was too rotten to warrant a new roof.

What to do..  It had to go…

OK; let’s just create something fun.

I always like a focal point so decided to cruise around online for some interesting doors and work around them to come up with a more useable “shed”.

My thought was to have the shed look like an old boat house inside.

If I used a clear corrugated roof it would make a great place to photograph blankets. We won’t discuss the wind lifting the corner and tossing it 100 feet across the yard last winter…

Learning curve.

I added a large fan for heat control and a small electric stove for the winter.

The floor is painted and iron shelves and window boxes were installed. I was able to reuse the old windows from the old shed I had salvaged on one of many trips to look for materials thru the years.

A used set of old french doors came from the neighbor’s front door re-do.

Yes, you can see my metal feed troughs on the left. There are tomatoes, beans, and carrots. The tomato plants are like something out of a science fiction movie. I read about someone who had planted sardines for extra growth on plants. Lucky that Harry ate half the sardines out of the container before I got them planted. They likely would have blown up the plants…

The urns were from my front yard. I loved them when I bought them but they never really fit in front. They had to be moved with a backhoe but they finally have a perfect place.

The fish shed will always be a work in progress but what a glorious chance to be a little crazy with some ideas.

My 4-legged supervisor Harry the sprinkler head destroyer is always around to plant geraniums with.