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You have worked to achieve your every goal in life. You don’t follow the trends; you set them.

You understand the difference between a exclusive designer bag as opposed to a bag you buy at a mall.

This bag is made for us by Kippy’s. If you read “Cowboys and Indians” magazine you are familiar with the superb quality of the products available; usually only in high-end boutiques. I’ve chosen an already stunning bag and asked them to make it with a custom concealed carry feature. It is exclusive to us.

This is a forever bag; not something you will use just for one season and discard.

We waited 10 weeks for this masterpiece and have a limited supply.

The beautiful embroidered leather is accented with anodized metal accents. The style is called a “Doctors bag” the photo may look different on your computer but is a soft black with gray undertones.

It is the most beautiful concealed carry bag I have yet to find.

The concealed carry feature is made for a right or left handed shooter and is large enough for most weapons with room to spare for your Ninja throwing stars…. 13 inches high 10 inches high 7.5 inches deep

short strap drop 7 inches

shoulder strap drop 24 inches

inside has 1 zipper pocket and a cell phone pocket.

1 in stock


1 in stock

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